4x4x4 LED Cube


Prepared by:

  • Sharry Grace M. Celorico
  • Asia Mae D. Dipa
  • Judy Ann S. Flandez
  • Kazuo Q. Hirose
  • Karl Martin V. Villamor

How It Works:

The parallel-connected LEDs are connected and formed into a cube with a width, length, and height interval (of each layer) of 1 inch.  When the codes are uploaded to the Arduino Nano, the “Cube” lights up in a series of patterns based on the codes and the arrangement of the LEDs.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 – Arduino Nano and Cord
  • 3 meters – Copper Wires
  • 64 – LED (Blue – diffused)
  • 20 Jumper Wires

Actual Set-up:

Some of the Problems We Faced:

  • Some LEDs were not lighting up
  • A certain light pattern is not executed properly (wrong direction/order)

Solutions to the Problems:

  • We figured out that some LEDs are not soldered properly.
  • We decided to change the codes and the Assigned Pins of the LEDs.