Balance Laser Maze Game


Prepared by:

  •  Jeshua Chris Masicampo
  • Dan Christian Sardan
  • Daniel Makac
  • Wilston Rem Isaw

Overview of Project

  • Using Arduino, we created a Balance Laser Maze Game with LDR sensor.

Image result for balance rectangular laser board maze

How It Works:

The player will try to pass the ball from start to end of the maze. It is something like an invisible maze, because there will be no walls but lasers instead. If the ball touches the laser beam, the game will be over. If the ball will be successfully reach the end of the maze. Therefore, the player wins and may get any prizes available. This will be a sort of board game.

Materials Needed:

  1. Laser diode
  2. LDR circuit for laser sensor
  3. LED bulbs
  4. Buzzer
  5. Arduino
  6. 9V Battery

Actual Set-up:

For the sensor:

Some of the Problems We Faced:

Firstly, setting the glass in the board and accurately place it in the right path, so that the reflection of the laser will be on-target for the next glass until the laser reach the LDR.

C:\Users\Dan Christian Sardan\Desktop\PICTURE FILES DOCUMENTATION\IMG_20190717_202817.jpg

C:\Users\Dan Christian Sardan\Desktop\PICTURE FILES DOCUMENTATION\IMG_20190719_120508.jpg

Also, wiring them up to make the project functional is not easy. They have to be correctly connected.

C:\Users\Dan Christian Sardan\Desktop\PICTURE FILES DOCUMENTATION\IMG_20190717_233408.jpg

Solutions to the Problems:

While writing the code, we encounter some but when we tried to run it. Like, when we tested the whole system. The alarm was always turned on when the relays are triggered. So what we did in the code was very simple. We added a for loop inside the If statement, so that it will alarm once in every detection.

C:\Users\Dan Christian Sardan\Desktop\Capture.PNG

  • That’s about most of the big problems we faced, but we were able to overcome them by some testing and carefully looking what is really causing them.
  • Well, if we had much more time to expand on our project, we would add some other features to make it more exciting to play. Also, we are thinking of making this project to be publish someday.