Chinese Robot

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Prepared by:

  • Leoniza D. Ometer
  • Angelica R. Vilan
  • Reah E. Quisil
  • Mary Rose A. Martin

Overview of the Project

Using Arduino and servo motor, we created a proficient waving
Chinese robot.

Image result for hello robot

How It Works:

Just like a receptionist, the human size robot will welcome visitors. It
has a waving hand that will wave visitors hello.

Materials Needed:

1. Cardboard and Tarpaulin
2. Wood
3. Servo motor
4. Arduino nano









Actual Set-up:

The schematic diagram and the actual are shown below. Here’s the
arduino and programming aspect of the project.



Some of the Problems We Faced:

  • First problem we encountered was the purchasing of the components.
    The components we ordered takes almost 1 week before we received
    it. So as the day we received the components, we have to double time
    the assembling of the system in order to meet the deadline of the

● Shipping days of the ordered components takes almost 1 week
● Uploading the code errors
● Double time the assembling once the components arrive.
● We changed our Arduino Nano module.