IoT Wireless Switch


Prepared by:

  • Cathy T. Alejado
  • Maria Josette B. Ceniza
  • Mark Kinneth De Tomas
  • Mariphil Fernandez

Overview of the Project

Using ESP8266, a module that packs WiFi connectivity, we created a simple on and off switch using IoT WiFi.

How It Works:

The user can easily turn on and off several lights or devices using a mobile phone. No need to rely on the switch. The device will need to connect to 1 of 2 preprogrammed WiFi. So, make groups of a switch and turn them all on/off by the push of 1 button. The interface between the switch and the phone will be managed by the Blynk Application.

IoT WiFi On and Off Switch

Concept: In the same way of turning your lights on/off, but instead of doing it
manually this project will automatically switch on/off your lights by just using your
phone. Simply connect the mobile phone to nearby WiFi connection and use
the Blynk Application. This application lets you create a button that you can use
to turn on/off the lights. Now, the user can control it with his/her phone

Materials Needed:

  • ESP8266
  • SSR
  • Breadboard
  • Light Bulb
  • Socket
  • USB Cord
  • Jumper Wires
  • Blynk Application

Actual Set-up and Components:

Schematic Diagram

IoT Switch Set up



  • There is no display in the serial monitor upon uploading.


  • Simply press the reset button and make sure that you are connected to a
    WIFI or hotspot.

Further Developments

  •  Aside from the bulb, you can add other devices such as an
    electric fan.
  •  You can also use LED Lights to switch the color of your choice.