Stop it! LED GAME


Prepared by:

  • Cathy T. Alejado
  • Maria Josette B. Ceniza
  • Mark Kinneth R.  De Tomas
  • Mariphil Fernandez

How It Works:

This game is simple but quite challenging. It consists of nine LED lights and one pushbutton switch (clicker). The LEDs flash randomly and the player must press the button when the middle LED light is lit. When the player presses the button which is not located in the middle LED light, then try again. On the other hand, if the player presses the button and stop it in the middle, it’s a success! 

Concept: A challenging game that will test your patience and competence. There are five LEDs flashing randomly. The main target is the LED light at the center. So, this game aims to let the players stop the LED light at the center which is the middle LED light by pressing the button switch or the clicker. It should be one player at a time. 

Materials Needed:

  • Arduino Nano
  • 5 Resistors
  • 5 LEDs
  • Breadboard
  • USB A-B cable
  • Push Button Switch (clicker)
  • Jumper Wires
  • Styrofoam
  • Cutter
  • Ruler

Actual Set-up:

Some of the Problems We Faced:

  • There is a disruption with the wire which is connected to the push button (clicker), when someone moves it, the clicker will not work.











Solutions to the Problems:

  • Simply, slowly placed it on a cardboard while it is still working and attached it using a glue stick. 

Further Developments:

  • Aside from using laptop as a source, you can use any adapter of a charger. 
  • Instead of Styrofoam, you can use plywood, glass or any hard materials to package the project. 
  • More LEDs to use. 
  • The push button should not be in a long press method.