Welcoming Alarm

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Prepared by:

  • Jeshua Chris Masicampo
  • Dan Christian Sardan
  • Daniel Makac
  • Wilston Rem Isaw

Overview of the Project

Using Arduino, we created a welcoming alarm with a LDR and laser.

Image result for balance rectangular laser board maze

How It Works:

The full point of this project is help rooms and offices have a system were they
welcome clients and costumer to the room. It can also be used as an alarm system if
need be.

Materials Needed:

  • Laser diode
  • LDR circuit for laser sensor
  • ¬†LED bulbs
  • Speaker
  • ¬†Arduino
  • 9V Battery

Actual Set-up and Components:

Some of the problems we faced:

One problem we faced was properly attaching the LDR. The problem was it would not
detect the laser and sometimes it was not sensitive to counter this we used a
breadboard to connect them more effective.

Another problem was the casing of the project. We had to make it bigger from the
previews design due to lack of space. Since we added the breadboard and we also had
to add the battery. The casing was to small so we had to make a bigger to compensate.

The speaker was also a pain in the ass. We were trying to find a way to increase its
volume. One easy fix was adding a capacitor. The capacitor added volume to it, but to
really increase the volume you need to add potentiometer this way you will have more